Installment 4: Snowboarding in Silver Star

We left Vancouver on Friday morning, picked up the hire car from a company called Rent-A-Wreck and left for the Rockies. Gaz was driving and I was navigating using the guide book map (we didn’t have Sat Nav or Google maps back then!). Inevitably we took a few wrong turns, had a couple of moans, but still totally enjoyed the ride and appreciated the dramatic scenery.
On our way to Banff we stopped off in a small ski-board resort, near Kelowna, called Silver Star.  The place was straight out of a Yosemite Sam cartoon with it’s multi-coloured, saloon style wooden buildings and verandas. We spent three nights here and had a couple of days boarding, the snow wasn’t the ‘Champagne Powder’ the North Americans boast about, but it was pretty decent. The weather was fantastic.
Our first night in  Silver Star, we headed to the saloon bar for the most surreeeal experience. Everything starts off relatively OK, we find a comfy couch and grab a menu. The waiter comes over and we order. I stick to Mac and cheese (I’m starving) Gaz opts for Suicide Chicken Wings. It’s a ‘man thing’.
I’m not disappointed with my meal…as for Gaz, there is steam coming from every orifice and his eyes are bulging. I think it’s fair to say Suicide wings are not recommended. After the meal we had just enough left for a pitcher of beer to help dampen Gaz’s senses. It was downed within minutes and begrudgingly we were getting ready to leave when the party arrived.
Around twenty people in fancy dress roll into the bar. As we were putting on our coats and getting ready to leave; we, or should I say Gaz, gets accosted by a guy dressed as a ‘pussy’, the guys description not mine! Wearing a white boiler suit with a tail attached to his bottom, he spends most of the night stroking Gaz’s face with it! I’m not sure if I’m more put out that he’s hitting on my man, or that he’s hitting on my man instead of me!!! After 3 pitchers of beer I didn’t really care.
Our escape is stealthy as the party rages on and Gaz gets his first good night’s sleep since we’ve arrived. He puts it down to the copious amounts of beer and the fact that he wasn’t sleeping next to me…we were in bunk beds! Not wanting to waste a snow day we pull ourselves together and  head out onto the slopes for some snow fun.
If we weren’t already feeling hung over enough, it was exacerbated by the rumour going round the slopes of a rogue coyote. The word was, that a woman had been attacked on one of the off piste slopes. It was enough to scare me and we stuck to the piste all day, which was good but a little tame.
The rest of the trip passed without drama, we managed to avoid the guy from the bar for the rest of our stay and spent another great day on the snow, drinking in the fun and freedom. It’s beginning to sink in that we are at the start of an amazing adventure.


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