Installment 3: Luck of the Irish

If you read installment 2 of our dinky travels blog you might have thought our day ended with the spectacular sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

But you would be wrong. As wonderful and moving as it was, it was also very cold so we finished our drinks and headed back, into down town Vancouver, in search of an internet cafe. We needed to plan the next leg of our journey and organise a rental car.

Heading down Granville street Mr. Brits was distracted by large TV screens playing a Liverpool (football) game. As a Manchester United fan myself I wasn’t too bothered about the game; but the thought of the nice warm bar and another beer meant that I didn’t put up too much resistance, when he dragged me inside.

One of the best things about travelling, we were quickly learning, is that our time is our own. If we want to do something we can and the reality of it is sooooo liberating.

Inside we ordered more Honey Beer and grabbed a table with a good view of the screen. Two beers and two goals later (to Liverpool) the barman approaches us and asks if we have plans for the evening. Obviously we’d not thought that far ahead.

He offered us two FREE tickets for a ‘show’, the only catch was the show started in 15 minutes. Loving the impulsiveness we accepted graciously, finished our beers, grabbed a cab and headed to The Centre on Homer St.; only to be stopped by security on the door. Apparently our tickets were for the following night.

Having spent our daily budget we headed back to the hotel, satisfied that we had something to look forward to tomorrow.

The show the following night was an ‘Acrobatic Fantasia’. A spectacular show staring a troupe of Chinese acrobats who spent the evening flying through the air performing some pretty awesome feats for our entertainment. And entertained we were! The gift of the tickets from the Irish barman was a bonus and a wonderful way to start our travels.

Next stop Kelowna and Silver Star for some snowboarding action…stay tuned! xx


NB. I didn’t have any images for this blog post so I have borrowed an image from a similar troupe, to give you an idea of the show.

here is the link https://thepeoplescritic.com/2015/04/23/houston-symphony-plus-peking-acrobatspure-magic/


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