Installment 1: This is it…hello Canada!

OK, so after 10 months scrimping, saving (not spending all my money on clothes and shoes) and planning, our dream becomes a reality, we’re off!

The big adventure starts with a grueling 10 hour flight to Vancouver. I say grueling because we decided to stay awake for the duration of the trip to avoid jet lag and  I tend to fall asleep at the first sniff of boredom. Much to Mr. Brits frustration!

We touched down in Vancouver, grabbed our back packs and jumped in a taxi; taking in our surroundings as we head towards our hotel and the first destination on our travels. This is SOOOOO exciting. It’s finally happening!

We arrive at Victorian Hotel, a beautiful colonial style property; not the usual type of establishment you would associate with back packing, with it’s polished wood flooring, white walls, greenery and quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Mr. Brits (who’d booked the hotel) informed me he thought it would be good to ease ourselves into our traveling trip. I liked his thinking.

Victoria hotel room


Anyway enough about the accommodation, we were here to explore. We headed into the Gas Town district where we found a good student vibe and the Met Bar. We got drunk on cheap Honey Beer which was a very pleasant experience, lots of fun; and a little bit surreal, every time I thought about what lay ahead of us.

Mr. Brits woke at 2am….so much for trying to avoid jet lag! It didn’t help that the stop watch and whistle I’d brought (just in case I should happen on some netball activity in New Zealand or Australia) started beeping intermittently. After I’d got up three times to switch it off we were forced to get up and find a screwdriver to dismantle it. It was either that or crush it…and I was against the latter option, obvs.

I think this offered some light relief for Mr. Brits, as the clock wasn’t moving fast enough, giving him too much time to think about whether running away and traveling the world for 6 months was actually a good idea?!

We were up and at breakfast early, stomachs rumbling and heads a little fuzzy but ready to start our adventure proper.



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