We Decided to Travel the World

My dream to travel the world became a reality one night in¬†August 2003. We were walking home from the pub. It was a Friday night, the sky was clear and the stars bright.¬† We were in a philosophical mood…and like on most evenings, after a few drinks, our conversation came round to travelling.

By this point we’d been together for 11 years and successfully inter-railed around most of Central and Eastern Europe. But I was eager to explore further afield and often bored Mr. Britton with my daydreams of abandoning our jobs to travel the world.

I’m not sure what it was that changed his mind that night. Maybe the timing was right, maybe he’d had one too many…but on that evening we decided that, actually we would quit our jobs, save up and travel the world.

The planning, and saving started the next day as I set up my savings account and vowed to stop clothes shopping!

18 months later we were sat in Manchester airport with our parents and our round the world tickets in our pockets…we were off!

The date, 7th March 2005. First stop Vancouver, Canada….

Manchester airport

The beautiful starry sky image is borrowed from phoebe-bird.tumblr.com, I hope you don’t mind. xx

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