Mrs. Britton

Our dirty weekend away!

I announced to Boy Britton that I had arranged for him to spend the night at his cousins…he was over the moon! So it was a big surprise to him when we skyped him from the hotel and he realised that he’d actually just been packed off so his dad and I could disappear for the night.

The trip was Mr. Britton’s Christmas present from me; a night in the Yorkshire Dales at the luxurious Devonshire Fell Hotel, with a 5 course taster menu for dinner and access to the Devonshire Spa, located next to the sister hotel Devonshire Manor (7 miles away).


We were ready for the break, work is bordering on the ridiculous at the moment and we’ve not had the best start to the year with gran passing away unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago.

Leaving all the stress aside we arrived at the spa early Friday morning to book treatments…I know, I hear you. We’re not the most organised. So you won’t be surprised to hear there were no beauticians available at such short notice.

However, the lovely lady on reception offered us the Rasul treatment. Never heard of it? Me either…so she explained (and showed me the facilities). In a nutshell we smother clay all over our bodies in a small room and then enter a steam room for 20 minutes before being showered clean. The skin is nourished, leaving it feeling smooth and glowing.

At £70 for the two of us, I thought it expensive, but we were in serious need of some pampering so I booked the late afternoon slot and we left to get some lunch and book into the hotel. We ate lunch in a small tea room in Grassington. The place is probably very quaint in summer, or in fairer weather. Unfortunately for us it was 10th February, freezing cold and pretty bleak. We didn’t hang around but headed for the hotel hoping to book in early.

10/10 for the location, views, staff and the room. The whole ambiance of the hotel perfectly promotes calm and relaxation. We headed up to the room, 2 hours ahead of the official booking in time and were very impressed. Mr Britton road tested the bed…it passed…he was asleep within 5 minutes!

We headed out to the Spa an hour before the treatment was due to start, to make the most of the facilities. With only four loungers and a seemingly German approach to hogging them, we spent most of our time in the pool, which was lovely and warm and the jacuzzi which was more like a boiling pot…I felt a bit like a bunny, before I got used to the heat!


The Rasul was actually really good fun, it was a private treatment, so Mr. Brtton and I had the steam room to ourselves. We locked the door and attacked the three pots of clay…one for hair, one for the face and one for the body. Fully clayed up we hit the steam room and totally relaxed in the warm, wet fog. After the treatment was finished we spent a further hour in the spa relaxing and reading, on a couple of loungers we managed to commandeer.

Getting back to the hotel, we still had a couple of hours before dinner so we baggsied a couple of comfy arm chairs in front of a roaring fire and ordered drinks…thoroughly chilled out we checked our bpm (beats per minute) on the ‘Heart Rate App’. I’ve been trying to get mine down since Christmas but have been stuck around 56bpm. After a day in the spa with my BFF, my heart rate had dropped to a staggering 46bpm!! I am officially chilled. 😊


Dressed for dinner we head down the the restaurant. The meal was probably the only disappointing element of the weekend. It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t as creative or flavoursome as we were expecting. The other thing I didn’t like was we ordered a bottle of wine and we had to pour it ourselves! If a restaurant is promoting a taster menu, it gives the impression of aspiring to Michelin star status and we just felt it fell short.

We enjoyed the rest of the evening. 😉

Breakfast was wonderful, we were seated in the conservatory over looking the river and fields opposite, even in the gloom the view was stunning. The mood was relaxed and the food was tasty. A wonderful way to finish our stay at the Devonshire Fell Hotel.

We booked the deal through Living Social and paid £149 for two people, which included the evening meal, access to the spa facilities (which also included a gym) and entry to the Bolton Abbey estate which, had the weather been a little kinder, we would have explored. There was a £30 weekend supplement and the Rasul cost £70.


At these prices we felt it was great value. The hotel often run deals directly through their own website so it’s definitely worth checking them out Hope you enjoy. x

P.S. They also accept dogs!


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