Mrs. Britton

My Beauty Essentials

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it’s a good job I like what I see when I look in the mirror…most mornings anyway!

Don’t get me wrong I’m quite aware I don’t turn heads when I walk down the street, but I’m just comfortable in the skin I’m in. And to be my most beautiful self I use 6 core beauty products which make up my essential, everyday routine, which is designed to be quick, easy and as effective as possible!

Everyday Skincare – Face

Ten years ago, one of my beautiful, head-turning friends with stunning skin told me she used E45 Cream. I’ve been using it ever since. More recently I introduced L’Oreal Re-Nourish Serum to my everyday routine after noticing my skin starting to change ( for the worse)!

Initially I was drawn by the ingredients; a combination of honey, peptides and pro-calcium, which all have a good reputation for results.

The formulation, which is apparently for +50 year old skin, claims to deeply nourish, firm and help restore the skins barrier. I introduced the serum with the E45 cream to my morning and evening routine.

There was no miracle! But after a couple of weeks I definitiley noticed an improvement in the general condition of my skin. It looked brighter and more nourished, and dare I say slightly firmer.

Body – Tanning

I love tanning and whilst I like a lot of different tanning products, my brand of choice is Sunkissed and at the moment I’m loving the Bronze Professional Luxe Glow, dry oil tanning mist. Available exclusively at Superdrug.

I feel I need to be very honest here and let you know that I work at Sunkissed, so there may be a tiny bit of bias. My role as Marketing Manager involves the development and testing of all the Sunkissed products; so until the team and I are happy with the products they don’t get launched.

The Luxe Glow is a particular favourite of mine for a number of reasons:
1. It is VERY easy to apply, I can do it in under 2 minutes; and it requires minimal prep
2. It is one of the best, if not few tans, that doesn’t cling to dry areas of the skin (so when my skin is dry I don’t get any patchy areas)
3. It really improves the tone and texture of the skin and leaves it feeling more nourished (I don’t need a body moisturiser)
4. The colour is perfect for the winter months, it’s is quite subtle and gives the skin such a beautiful natural glow, which makes it look healthy on these dark days.
5. It is very difficult to get it wrong, so even when I apply it quickly I don’t get any streaks.

My top tips for tanning are to moisturise your dry/wrinkly bits after applying tan. Elevate your leg and keep your feet at a right angle to avoid saturated colour on your feet. make sure the formula is fully buffed into the skin.

Skin treats – Face

I treat myself to a facial every week. Whilst I like to experiment with lots of different types of products my favourite regime, particularly if I’m tired or short on time, is the Boots No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser, which I often apply after exercise to deep clean my skin. I then apply a thick layer of the L’Oreal Re-Nourish Serum and Lock it in with a generous layer of Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream which I leave on overnight. The intense nourishment and antiseptic properties of the 8hr cream with the Re-Nourish Serum always helps to give my skin a boost!

Hair – Begone you stray grey

I’ve had a self induced grey streak since my early 20’s, when on a drunken, girly night in I accidentally (term used loosely) decided to dye a strip of my fringe aka Geri Halliwell (Spice Girls) and left the peroxide bleach on for too long! Up until now this grey streak has been localised, until about a year ago I started to notice more and more stray greys.

I do colour my hair on a regular basis, but usually not often enough so the launch of the Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer Powder is AMAZING! Easy to apply, it works immediately and also gives my fine hair a bit of a voluminous boost. Perfect!

What are your essential beauty items? I’m all ears.


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