Mrs. Britton

New Year, New Plans!

I have mixed feelings about 2016.

This is the year I experienced THE best day of my life when I married Mr. Britton, in what can only be described as the most enjoyable event of my life.

My Boy Britton continues to be adorable. This year his sense of humour has regularly had us in stitches; he is still comfortable with affection, delivering hugs and kisses (mostly) on request; he is also now capable of making us a cup of tea which he brings up to the bedroom on the weekends…a treat that I fear will not last long before the novelty wears off. So we’re enjoying it for as long as it lasts!

Even work, whilst demanding, has been pretty successful.

On the downside I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in October and it’s knocked me. Big time! Sport has always kept me sane, made me feel invincible even. Whenever I feel low I run  it off. Competitive sport has always played an important part in my self worth. Now, without it I’ve been feeling pretty low.

Which is one reason why I’ve decided to make my plans for 2017. With a list there is always something to work towards, a reason to be motivated, and self-satisfaction from crossing things off the list when you’ve achieved them.

So here is my list for 2017…

  1. Get fit. One of the ways me and the old man measure our fitness is to monitor our resting heart rate. I had a PL (personal low) of 42 bpm a couple of years ago. It now averages 56bpm. My goal is to get to a resting heart rate of 45bpm by the end of the year (I’m taking into account, I’m two years older now!).
  2. Take at least one (hopefully up to 3) unplanned, spontaneous trip(s) abroad, preferably to at least one new country we haven’t visited before.
  3. Establish our family blog and my personal social media channels. I have talked about starting and writing a blog for a while now. 2017 is going to be a ‘doing’ year, and not just a ‘talking about doing something’ year.
  4. Improve my mountain biking skills and take part in a mountain bike challenge event. I hope to complete this with Boy Britton who, at nine years old, is already far superior to me on a bike!
  5. Decorate the house. We’ve been in the house for 16 years now and there are some rooms that need a good makeover. It is my wish…desire and motivation to actually get these completed in the first half of the year and not 2 weeks before Christmas 2017!

Wish me luck! I will refer back to this blog as I tick each one off the list….


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