Mrs. Britton

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Welcome to, what I hope will be our family blog, although I expect it will primarily be a place where I unload my thoughts and share stories I find funny or amusing and memories I treasure.

This year I married Mr Britton, 23 years after meeting him on my first girls holiday in Tenerife. We’ve shared a lot of things including many amazing travel experiences together. In 1994 and ’96 we inter-railed around Europe and at the age of 30, I quit my job and we traveled the world in what was the trip of a life time.

So it made sense, that when we finally tied the knot, it was with the sand between our toes. We got married in the beautiful resort of Porto Azzuro in Zante, surrounded by our family and friends and our beautiful and funny, young Boy Britton.

To date, I’d say I’ve lived a relatively fast and adventurous life, but as a 40 something, I’m finally coming to the conclusion that I can’t keep up with my former self.

A lifetime of competitive sport seems to have taken its toll as I was recently diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my hip. OK, it’s not serious, but on hearing the news I was devastated…’I’m tooooo young to give up netball and I was only just getting into triathlons!’

It makes me feel old, and to make matters worse I’m starting to see the visible effects of ageing in my skin. A little slackness under the eye and more pronounced nasolabial lines. This is all truly disheartening when in my head I’m still 24years old.

So I am on a journey to find my eternal youth… physically, aesthetically and holistically. I will document my triumphs and disasters for anyone to read and would be interested to try any tips you are willing to share. ❤️

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